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This trend in the sheet metal industry is related to environmental protection

Date:2017-9-16 14:48:22

In recent years, environmental protection more and more attention by the government, has become increasingly popular, and now the government of enterprise environmental protection capacity requirements more and more high, people buy sheet is primary concern environmental protection performance, so the energy-saving emission reduction and environmental protection has become the production of sheet enterprises can not avoid the problem, the recent environmental protection storm struck again, the plate enterprises need to respond in a timely manner.
Environmental storm struck
The concept of environmental protection has been prevalent for many years, and has become more and more fierce in the near future. In December 25, 2016, President Xi Jinping signed the Decree No. sixty-first of People's Republic of China: "by the People's Republic of China environmental protection law" by the People's Republic of China Twelfth National People's Congress Standing Committee of the twenty-fifth meeting on December 25, 2016, is hereby promulgated and shall come into force as of January 1, 2018. The environmental tax law clearly defines the scope of taxation as atmospheric, water, solid and noise emissions directly to the environment.
And, in November 28th, the second batch of the central environmental inspectors officially launched an environmental remediation wind over the land in south of the Five Ridges, a large number of illegal operation and environmental pollution caused by Home Furnishing building materials enterprises are facing into the fate of shut down. Whether it is the environment or plate industry, have been swept by environmental unrest, avoid inevitable, do not meet the environmental requirements, will face the crisis of shutting down, environmental protection battle has just begun.
Board enterprise response
Now do not see signs of environmental protection trend stopped, resulting in a large number of plate production enterprises, rectification, and then spread to related industries, disrupt the industrial chain business order, facing the grim situation, enterprises must promptly make a rational response to the board. First of all, environmental battle is fought, the environmental protection enterprises should recognize the country, plate current situation, don't refuse the environmental protection trend, but should conform to the trend;
Secondly, the plate enterprises will be able to start from their own, change the mode of development, the implementation of environmental protection production, reduce pollution emissions in the production process of the object at the same time, R & D and production technology and environmental protection, and strive to meet the environmental policy requirements, spend environmental protection storm; finally, sheet metal enterprises to downstream industry chain integration is good, not only to the development of environmental protection enterprises in environmental protection, pass the examination, but also effectively change and integration of real time in the order of the industrial chain is disrupted, ensure the operation order is back on track.
Environmental protection storm sweeping plate industry, is a crisis, but also an opportunity, plate enterprises should bravely meet the challenge, and strive to comply with environmental protection policy, at the same time stand out in the environmental storm, to achieve the development of transcendence!

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