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The production process of scientific veneer is divided into 8 steps

Date:2017-7-12 10:46:51

1. planing leather
Our factory logs were collected from certified plantations (Italy poplar) and strictly implement the regulations of Forestry forest (Cameroon Aus), our technical staff carefully through the log peeling machine made of peeled veneer, and then cut into different sizes according to the requirements, after the production process.
2. color
Board color, forming the design of color difference is the core of the production process. Through the continuous study of the color of veneer in the expert laboratory, a color system based on water circulation has been developed successfully. The veneer of intrusion to the steel VAT, temperature control, adding soluble dye, but do not add chromium or other heavy metals.
3. synthesis
According to the newly designed or designed wood veneer, the wood is mixed with the wood fiber, and then the wood veneer is painted. Then all the wood veneers are pressed together.
4. gluing
Place the gluing roller on the whole stack of veneer and glue the adhesive onto each piece. Gluing operations have two major functions: turning a pile of wood into a whole wooden square, and making special patterns according to the color of the glue used.
5. pressing
The glued veneer is pressed on the platen, the platen or the plate, or the special shape of the mold. When sawing gun design is formed by the plane mold and cutting cutting angle, shall determine the special mold arc and spot design. Press at the end of that shape growth of several meters, width and height of approximately 70cm shortened wood. This is the famous log.
6. saw square
Before slicing and sawn logs, logs should be cut square and sanding, wood or wood obtained.
7. slice
After trimming and cutting, the logs are sliced to obtain high-grade technical veneers, ranging in thickness from 0.25 to 0.6mm.
8. drying & Inspection
Each piece has undergone detailed quality checks.

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