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What are the main uses of melamine panel?

Date:2017-7-12 10:43:56

Melamine impregnated paper and some density plate after the molding technology produced melamine veneer for different modern decoration, the main melamine impregnated paper made of melamine veneer mainly uses what?
(1) make special paper: melamine panel can be used as paper treatment agent after etherification with ether. It can produce high grade paper such as crease resistance, shrink resistance, non rotten banknote and military map.
(2) produced some special features of decorative panel: made of fire and earthquake resistance, heat-resistant laminate, decorative plate with bright color, strong heat resistance, the housing decoration materials for aircraft, ships and furniture veneer and fire and earthquake resistance, heat resistance.
(3) melamine impregnated paper made of melamine panels can also be used as a coating with butanol and methanol etherification, as senior thermosetting coating, solid powder coating crosslinking agent, can be made of metal coatings and vehicles, appliances with high-grade amino resin decorative paint.
(4) melamine impregnated paper made of melamine panels can also be made into some special relief washing powder, such as molding powder made of melamine plastic by mixing, granulation process, non-toxic, anti fouling, moisture can still maintain good electrical properties, can be made of white, beat resisting household utensils sanitary ware, and melamine tableware, advanced insulation electrical equipment etc..
In short, melamine impregnated paper and density board molded melamine bonding panel as a chemical raw material, the use is very extensive, consumers can purchase according to their actual needs.

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