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Quality requirements of melamine board substrate

Date:2017-7-12 10:41:11

Melamine plate with artificial board material commonly used leather MDF and particleboard manufacturers in real life are required for the quality of the substrate, simply introduces for everybody.
The smooth surface cleaning, water stains, oil stains are not allowed, not effective in size, while taking the first bite phenomenon; sheet thickness deviation should not exceed + 0.2mm, and the sand light uniform, a sand leakage phenomenon is not allowed; the moisture content should be controlled in the range of 6%-10%. Because the particleboard is mostly purchased, the change of environment can lead to the change of moisture content of the board. If the water content is high, may cause such as blasting, layered veneer process; if the moisture content is low, or impregnated paper volatile content is low, it may cause the hot surface can be a good wetting and stratification board.
In the production process need to observe at any time, timely reject unqualified substrate, so as to ensure the quality of the production plate pass, we provide you with quality products here, to ensure the quality of your use.

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